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Ralph Brandling (II)
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Ralph Brandling (II)

Ralph Brandling (I) and Anne Leigh died without children, so the Middleton estates past to their nephew, Ralf Brandling (II). Ralph (II) was christened on the 4th May 1706. He was the eldest son of the brother of Ralph Brandling (I), Charles Brandling of Felling and his wife, Margaret (Grey). Ralph was obviously a much loved name of this branch of the Brandling family.

On the 21st August 1729, he married Eleanor Ogle, by whom he had four children:

  • Ralph Brandling (III).
  • Charles Brandling.
  • Robert Brandling (died in infancy).
  • Ann Brandling (died in infancy).

Ralph (II) lived at Woodhorne, Northumberland, where his eldest son, Ralph (III), was born; later moving to Morpeth, Northumberland, where his other children were born. While at Morpeth, Ralph and Eleanor became Catholics and proceeded to bring their children up in that religion. Ralph's conversion is recorded in the the Middleton Register:

1735. 1 August, received Radulphus Brandling, Morpeth in Northumberland. [1]

His uncle and aunt (Ralph and Ann Brandling of Middleton) appear to have liked him and he appears to have spent a lot of time at Middleton. In 1736 he was received into the Rosary Confraternity and this was recorded in the Middleton Registers:

1736. March 25 Ralph Brandling jun. Elizabeth Thorpe Middleton Catherine Stringer Ann Royston, jun [2]

and in December of the same year he was confirmed in Bishop Williams's private chapel at Huddleston Hall, Sherburn:

1736. Dec 30 D. Ra. Brandling junior apud Huddleston [3]

At some date after 1736 he moved the family home to Felling where he was living in June 1749 when he inherited the Middleton estates. Within a month of his inheritance he died. His death is recorded in the Middleton Register:

Moratorium. 7th July 1749. Radulphus Brandling, jun, esq. [4]

He was buried on the 10th July 1749. The estates passed to his eldest son, Ralph (III).


Ralph Brandling (III)

Born the eldest son of Ralph Brandling (II) and Eleanor Ogle, he was baptised on the 8th October 1730. On the 6th January 1751 Ralph (clearly a man of poor health), made a will naming his brother, Charles, as his sole executor and beneficiary. He died on the 4th March 1751, less than 2 years after inheriting Middleton. Charles Brandling succeeded to the Middleton estates.



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